Taman Segara Madu Canggu

Taman Segara Madu merupakan obyek wisata kolam renang yang diperuntukkan bagi wisatawan umum baik lokal, domestik maupun internasional. Di kolam renang Segara Madu kita dapat menikmati wisata berenang untuk olahraga renang pada kolam renang sepanjang standar olympic / olimpiade. Juga terdapat perosotan air / water slide, untuk Anak-anak kecil maupun yang dewasa. Wahana wisata berenang Taman Segara Madu terletak di Desa Canggu, Mengwi, Badung. Terkenal dengan Pura Batu Bolong, serta dapat tembus ke Pantai Echo Beach Canggu.

Berenang di kolam renang Taman Segara Madu sungguh menenangkan, sambil minum teh lemon hangat, kita berendam di kolam renang yang sejuk dan menyegarkan pikiran. Sarana restoran dan mini mart juga lengkap tersedia untuk makan siang dan segala minuman hangat lainnya.

Locker tersedia untuk Kita menitipkan tas dan barang bawaan lainnya dengan biaya sewa mulai Rp. 20.000 serta disewakan handuk, ban, baju, pelampung, serta sewa celana renang / baju renang. Selamat datang di Taman Segara Madu Canggu, Bali.

  • Kolam renang anak
    Kolam renang anak
    Jembatan Kolam Dewasa
    Jembatan Kolam Dewasa

    Lemon tea
    Lemon tea

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checking in the Baby

Balinese wedding, awaiting for the sacrificial ceremony
Balinese wedding, awaiting for the sacrificial ceremony

Dear Friends, tonight BALI time we are checking in our Baby at Cahaya Bunda Hospital Jalan By Pass Kediri, Tabanan, Bali island. We are going to welcoming our baby next year around 14 February 2016. Yes indeed, my Wife Eka is pregnant. Yaay i am so happy either do Eka.

Thanks to God and all of you.

Tomorrow SastraBaliLuxury.com is going to Escort our client to have a full day charter to Singaraja city from Kerobokan city nearby Seminyak village. It is going to be a 3 hours driving, long trip for now. Tired but will go for the fullest of my baby life. The client is a couple of awesome artist of the wallpaper business with their boutique wallpaper is located at Jalan Raya Kerobokan, Seminyak village. His name is Mr. Azrul the Malaysian and Mrs. Samantha from Australia.

Humingbird wallpaper is their business brand with black color neon box by the Kerobokan street. easy to find, just before the Warisan restaurant Seminyak, you may visit them here. Will be back at Kerobokan around 7pm Bali time, so, i will  back home late to kiss and hug my Wife Eka and baby. Will update to you soon, stay tune.

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Sastra Alphard Bali

Saya I Gede Putu Sastrawan http://www.facebook.com/IGP.Sastrawan seiring berjalannya waktu, kini saya mulai pahami seluk-beluk kehidupan di dunia bisnis usaha Sewa Alphard di BALI. Kehidupan bisnis yang tidak pernah mulus, selalu dihadapkan kepada ombak besar yang tiada hentinya menguji komitmen saya serta ketabahan saya selaku pelaku usaha jasa pariwisata setiap waktu.

Sastra Alphard Bali awalnya hanya sebuah angan untuk menggapai mimpi kemapanan hidup yang dibilang sukses. Diaiwali dari benak impian tersebut, saya mulai dengan membuat wrbsite SewaAlphard yang kemudian diikuti oleh puluhan saudara saya. Kini domain website tersebut sudah saya lepaskan ke pemilik barunya. Namun pencipta, tetaplah pencipta, saya berpikir, kini saya lebih fokus menjual usaha jasa pariwisata saja, bukan sewa alphard. Oleh sebab itu, relasi saya sejak awal diterbitkannya usaha Sastra Alphard Bali ini, semakin bertambah seiring dengan rekomendasi relasi kepada para temannya.

Jadi, sastrabali@hotmail.com Sastra Alphard Bali dengan pelayanan wisata Alphard Bali terbaik Anda. Tersedia juga Mini Cooper Rental, Exotic car rental, Exotic Photography imaging expert services BALI, serta mobil mewah dan sewa mobil van rental lainnya.

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  • The Mini Cooper Red for rent with driver at USD. 459 net per 12 hours
    The Mini Cooper Red for rent with driver at USD. 459 net per 12 hours

Photography imaging expert

Om SwastiAstu

My wife Eka
My wife Eka

Om AwighnamAstu

Sastrawanbali.desatista@blogger.com is the eMail address for you to give an awesome Photography imaging regarding Desa Tista Buleleng, which is famous for its Robusta Coffee Trekking and COFFEE break. You may report all your  Exotic experience during you enjoy the fascinating views and taste the best COFFEE in BALI at Desa Tista Buleleng. This area is also cool for prewedding photography, wedding photography, trekking, cycling, mountain cycling,down hill cycling and even good for escape retreat, meditation and Yoga retreat.

SastrawanBali@gmail.com is my email for you to ask the best Photography imaging expert details. While you have an vacation in BALI island, why take my Photography imaging expert services for amazing documentary or awesome memories t Show-off to your friends and family back home. Bali Photographer services with Sastrawan Ultraviolet Tours would present you the Perfection of Happiness. Total holiday escape peacefulness and so having the nature meet unique culture that only Sastra Bali authenthic service would would offer to you. Regarding photography services, you may surf facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/sastragallery and my Instagram Sastrawan_Ultraviolet SastraBaliLuxury.com for my Luxury-rental.net cars, VILLA MANAGEMENT and all luxury villa rental with private pool are available.

  1. Sastra Bali signature service is by offering you the EAST service, which is prompt, polite, friendly. All is to reach your total joy of Happiness during your holiday or honeymoon in #Bali island. Sastra Bali is a professional Photographer since 19 98 that is being take millions of shoot to the tourist from all over the world. Mostly take the Budoir and Nude-art photography services for honeymoon Couple. Beside that is also take the order of photography services for documentary of meeting and conference tourist. Sastra Bali signature service of photography services is start from USD. 200 per 3 hours. So, WhatsApp Sastra Bali via +6281293912345 or +6281558812345
  2. Sastra Bali is also a tour guide or tourist Escort. The liaison officer, Security officer and a driver.

Here are some photos of Sastrawan Ultraviolet Tours Bali wedding. Take care and let’s holiday.

Desa Tista Coffee

Sastra wedding photography, My wife and all our parents and sisters.
Sastra wedding photography, My wife and all our parents and sisters.
My wife Eka with me Sastra for welcoming ceremony of the bride in my home.
My wife Eka with me Sastra for welcoming ceremony of the bride in my home.
The spiritual tour for our purifications ceremony and blessing.
The spiritual tour for our purifications ceremony and blessing.
The Mini Cooper Red for rent with driver at USD. 459 net per 12 hours
The Mini Cooper Red for rent with driver at USD. 459 net per 12 hours

Rest In Peace: The Great John Nash

see you again.

The October Weekend

• • •
As Mark Twain once said, “‘The report of my death was an exaggeration.”

But, I must say, it was a bit of an odd and eery moment when the breaking news flashed across my cell phone, telling me John Nash was killed in a car accident in New Jersey.

After all, being a John Nash, I had to double check my own personal well-being before remembering that I suck very badly at math and thus there was no way a headline reading, “Mathematician John Nash, wife killed” would ever be written about me.

That being said, though, having one less John Nash in the world is a sad, sad thing — especially when it comes to the death of John Forbes Nash, Jr., whose story was brought to the world courtesy of the 2001 film “A Beautiful Mind.”

I’ve always felt a kinship with “The Great John Nash” —…

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Bali Top List

rafting ultraviolet toursDear fellows, As Bali Top List this seasons are white water rafting, Bali Safari and Marine Park Gianyar, diving, open water diving, water sports, and some other Bali Top Lists such as private pool villa and exotic car for charter with driver. Today i would take to the Ayung River which is line up along Petang – Badung village and Ubud – Gianyar village. This river is quite generous that give you both sensation and relaxation. The adventure is start with picking up you at hotel with free of charge and transfer you guys to the river starting point. Afterwards, river rafting would go with the flow to the jumping that consists of 4 jumping with 2 meters height. So awesome !

You can tell, with the waterfall shower and lazy river floating, you would find the peace as you’ve never before. White water rafting in Bali beside Ayung River, also got another one at TELAGA WAJA River Rafting. During at finish point, you’ll get your lunch on buffet and the shower with all equipment of towel, shampoo, wet plastic bag, etc. Fun with all those, you would go to transfer to the next drop off or Bali Safari and Marine Park.

This Safari Park in Gianyar regency of Bali is considered as the best Safari Park in Asia Pacific !! WOW isn’t it ? Yap, actually we can enjoy here all day long start from 10 am to 5 pm. Safari Park with Lunch and the Bali Agung Theater Show is only USD. 75 net per adult and get 25% OFF from Children under 12 years old. Baby below 2 years old is considered FREE of charges.

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Mekar Bhuana Family

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Mekar Bhuana family based centre in Denpasar proudly presents Selonding Fundraising Performance Series*, an ancient Balinese art-form dating back to the 10th-14th centuries. Selonding is one of Bali’s rarest types of gamelan music. A selonding orchestra is made up of primitive looking metallophone instruments, normally with large iron keys, and is played by 6-11 musicians. The set at Mekar Bhuana is one of only four duplicates of the sacred Besakih Temple orchestra from 1236 AD. Our group is made up of male and female family members aged 4 to 55. We were inspired by the talents of Mekar Bhuana founders’ eldest son, Gede Semara, who has been playing selonding music since he was 5 and even started composing for this archaic orchestra when he was just 6 years old. He is Bali’s youngest selonding composer of mixed nationality: mum from Bali and dad from New Zealand. We plan to bring his music and our family group that supports him to New Zealand in February 2015. After recent success performing in South Korea, we want to share our Bali family music-making experience with Kiwi audiences through an outreach programme of performances and workshops. Thank you for your support! Performance series runs from: Day: every Thursdays & Sundays Date: Nov 2nd 2014 until Feb 1st 2015 Time: 7 pm For ticketing, contact: Putu Evie or Vaughan at 464201 / 081999191104/6 or send email to info@balimusicanddance.com Note: *Performance held at family residence: seating limited to 40 pax *Beverages and Balinese-style food available for purchase *Includes explanation by ethnomusicologist, Vaughan Hatch and dance instructor, Putu Evie, as well as a chance to try the instruments Photo Credits : Anggara Mahendra