Bali Massage for Ladies

We do help to relieve your jetleg during your arrival in Bali island. We love to take care of your happiness while your holiday by Bali Massage for Ladies only. Our therapist is men and women.

Bali Massage for Ladies accept on call spa service to your apartment, private villa or hotel room and specially to your own home. Bali Massage for Ladies would rub a virgin coconut oil full on your body and a gentle massage to relief pain and stress. Call whatsapp at +62-81-2939-12345 Mr. Sastra Bali

We also have more treatments such as flower bath, special facial, body scrub and vagina energy massages.

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Bali Private Photographer

As photographers of people, we each bring who we are to the creative experience we have with you. We want to share parts of our stories with you since you so graciously share with us Bali Private Photographer known also as Bali Boudoir.

I am so passionate about the message of boudoir – empowering women by helping them see their unique beauty through my lens, by their taking a risk and doing something they have never done before. There are many people, especially in the south, that do not understand what boudoir is and I did come up against some negativity. Don’t worry friends, it’s not slowing me down or stopping me! Bali Boudoir Photographer would spice up your love life and boost your romance together.

Most of our friends / clients said that “Oh my goodness this is exciting. And it’s been a long time coming. And I feel so vulnerable and energized and nervous and giddy!!!” i see it is horny for sure, ha ha ha… LOL.

Need to revealed your sex imaginations ? Well, here we are to help. Simply whatsapp Mr. Sastra i am at +62-81-2939-12345 for more best deal and Boudoir photography ideas. Here is some of the shots with tourist.

So, most of the husband or the partner wanted to take picture of the wifes than both of them. Since the Wife wanted to give this Boudoir Photography of Her as a present or a boudoir gift to their Husband.

The Price is depending on your budget, it is starts from IDR. 1,000,000 up to IDR. 15,000,000 – all is depending to the results, normally 2 hours shot, the time needed, the locations, and pose posing ideas. The above price is quoted on Indonesian Rupiah (IDR.) you can convert it easy by click here to your own currency.