On Call Spa

On call spa Bali is available with male therapist. I am Sastra own and operate the On Call Spa Bali myself with associates.

As you know that the Body needs relaxation after a whole day activities. Your body just done a great job to support your fun holiday in Bali and beyond. The muscles, knees, eyes, nerve center, head to toe massage is perfectly needed to break its stress and make the body remain itself to have self healing method 😀

On Call Spa is available thoughout Bali islands, coming to your room, hotel, villa or home. We do massage with Virgin Coconut Oils plus the amazing aura therapy in the massage time. Make you feel relax and refresh 😁😆

There is only USD 35 per persons for 2 hours of massages with a full body combinations massages i.e:

Head massages, Shoulders massage, Facial massages, Arms massage, Back massage, Chest massage, Leg massage, Foot massage, Foot reflexiology massage, and Vitality massages for Women / Ladies 😆😀

The full deep tissue massage, gentle touch from Sas’ friendly Man therapist might your perfect add on of your holiday in Bali.

On Call Spa also available with Spa service for skin scrub, skin moisturizer with yogurt body splash, refreshement drinks/ tea or coffee on your place. On Call Spa is for Women, for Ladies or For couple. Not for Men 😄

Reach Sas On Call Spa on WhatsApp +62-81-2939-12345 and eMail SastraBali@Hotmail.com


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