Bali Boudoir Photographer

Recently we just had a call from India tourist, Indian guest, they are couple, having a great honeymoon in Bali island on a beautiful rice paddy fields view from their private pool villa in Ubud, Gianyar, Bali – Indonesia.

“hello, are you a photographer?” they ask me on the phone, and i’ve said “yes i do. how may i help you Brother?”, and all was continued to the meeting appointment at Atman Cafe Jalan Hanuman, Ubud, Bali. There we meet up and they’ve asked me “how is your Bali Boudoir Photographer means?, how much do you charges?, how many hours?, how should we pose?” and certain things of Bali Boudoir Photography questions.

So, i’ve advised them to look up my facebook page Sastra Gallery to see some ideas regarding Bali Boudoir Photographer  with Sastrawan Bali. And they loved it. But seems the price what a bit miss understanding, they thought was IDR. 350,000 when i’d spoke on the phone at IDR. 3,500,000 or USD. 350 hahaha haha ha ha ha LOL but we work it out, Sas did offer them a great deal for only USD. 55 / IDR. 550,000 but use their own camera / gadget. And they said deal, tomorrow afternoon 6pm at villa. So, i came by and they’ve asked me how to pose, what to wear. Sas asked them to open all their clothes without shy with me, and need to blend with me, means trust to Sas. At first they feel awkward with the first time of being shoot photography in Boudoir, intimacy, sex scene with the strangers in front of them. But after 10 minutes, they enjoyed the foreplay each other and i took the shoot.

Was light raining but that is the become benefits to make the couple romance more and more arouse. While the play seducing each other, i shoot their face, their hands, butt, bottom, ash, booty, dick, penis, tongue, vagina, ms. v, hair, eye contact, lips, rings, breasts, boobs, beautiful smile and their orgasm face moments that would never be forgotten, they can see it on their own photos !!

Call / WhatsApp Sastra at +62-81-2939-12345 below is the Boudoir Sexy Nude Art Sample for your upcoming ideas in taking sex memories with your spouse, wife, couple, friends, or even family brother sister.


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