checking in the Baby

Balinese wedding, awaiting for the sacrificial ceremony
Balinese wedding, awaiting for the sacrificial ceremony

Dear Friends, tonight BALI time we are checking in our Baby at Cahaya Bunda Hospital Jalan By Pass Kediri, Tabanan, Bali island. We are going to welcoming our baby next year around 14 February 2016. Yes indeed, my Wife Eka is pregnant. Yaay i am so happy either do Eka.

Thanks to God and all of you.

Tomorrow is going to Escort our client to have a full day charter to Singaraja city from Kerobokan city nearby Seminyak village. It is going to be a 3 hours driving, long trip for now. Tired but will go for the fullest of my baby life. The client is a couple of awesome artist of the wallpaper business with their boutique wallpaper is located at Jalan Raya Kerobokan, Seminyak village. His name is Mr. Azrul the Malaysian and Mrs. Samantha from Australia.

Humingbird wallpaper is their business brand with black color neon box by the Kerobokan street. easy to find, just before the Warisan restaurant Seminyak, you may visit them here. Will be back at Kerobokan around 7pm Bali time, so, i will  back home late to kiss and hug my Wife Eka and baby. Will update to you soon, stay tune. #Ultraviolet TOURS BALI


Welcome home my lady
Welcome home my lady

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