Vellfire units

New_Toyota_Vellfire_14 baliThis week we have been successfully finished the Vellfire units order. Handling all delegates from around the globe, Vellfire units had prove its reliability in handling the all VIP delegates to see the Wonderful Bali island.

The events is located at Nusa Dua Bali Conference Center, it’s near the Westin resort Nusa Dua. Vellfire units is another type of New Alphard which is wonderful and gives more comfort during cruising the island. The Vellfire units is more expensive than New Alphard since it’s meant to be enjoyable luxury ride, more than just first class. We do have 45 units of Vellfire and 80 units of New Alphard. All for rent at USD. 250 net a day maximum at 10 hours of service. All inclusive the experienced driver and petrol called Pertamax which are the finest petrol. The Vellfire service is Excluding the parking fees, driver’s meal, overtime, overnight at 30% from the price is charges per hour, etc.

Don’t just dream it, ride on. Call Sastra Bali 081-2939-12345


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