Manika Aesthetic

PEELING by dr. Mei, for your wonderful skin.
PEELING by dr. Mei, for your wonderful skin.

Recently i just manage to finish this website and also with their Facial and medical facial treatment specialist e-mail via

You can feel the different service of their taglines “Pure. Fair. Charming” Manika Aesthetic Clinic Facial, Body Firming in Bali island is amazing. Manika Aesthetic gives you a private room, super experienced therapist and beauticians, also the Medical treatment’s Doctor that ready 7 days a week. Manika Aesthetic starts their Pure. Fair. Charming treatments at 10 am up to 8 pm everyday and up to 6 pm on Sunday.

Located at Denpasar capital city Jalan Tukad Irawadi 10, Panjer, Denpasar that you could get around 30 minutes drives from Airport or Kuta via Toll highway either normal road. Pick up service may available with appointment to me Sastra Bali at 081-5588-12345 with taxi charges fee around IDR. 200,000 per one way. Manika Aesthetic provides you not only Facial, Body Firming, Body Contour, or Peeling, but also serve you with the Acupuncture treatment to enhance your skin health. You may call Manika Aesthetic for an appointment of treatments and Doctor consultations dr. Mei +62-82146-504-919 or via Manika Phone Telp. +62-361  226-027

You may also consult your facial skin problems with outstanding therapist directly Ms. Maha +62-8579-203-9550 at day time. Do you still feeling stress about how do your face look ? like you have acne problems, darkness skin, dull skin, or even you have the black acne that ruins your self esteemed, go call Manika Aesthetic now. You will have your new life, new Pure Fair Charming face in less than 6 times of treatments. Congratulations !!

Have a nice day !

Sincerely yours,

Sastra Bali


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