Airport VIP Service

sastra airport vip service concierge

Under the Airport VIP service a representative meets the traveler directly at the plane to guide them through security, customs and immigration. There are a variety of other services offered at the airport including luggage assistance and transfer from airport to the city hotel and vice versa. Even holders of economy tickets get access to airport lounges under the service. The Airport VIP service provides guided tours of the city and provides geographical and cultural insight into a city.

Sastra Bali Airport VIP service and Concierge feels that at times it is challenging traveling alone and more so if you are a woman. This service eliminates the insecurity that one associates with air travel in a foreign country. The guides under the service equip the traveler with the local knowledge about the island life. The service is available for departure assistance as well. Sastra Bali Airport VIP service and Concierge you are either relaxing in the airport lounge or on your flight without wasting any time. The package starts from USD.300 for up to 4 passengers. Don’t you think you would be more relaxed if you know you will be received at the airport?

Looking forward to welcoming you and your VIPs in the island of the Gods !

Yours sincerely,

Sastra Bali


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