Fire Dance

Bali is an island where the Good things roll. Fire Dance is truly amazing in Bali island. Compile with its magic and arts, Fire Dance in Bali would purified your sorrows.

fire dance Dewi Bali

Everyday Balinese always have an event such as wedding, deejay party, or in terms of magical ceremony. This time i would like to introduce you this fire dance artwork who could enhance your events or venue become more remarkable. People that participate would amaze by all this Fire Dance surprise and magical moments. Sastra provide you any kinds of fire dance start from magical fire dance, ceremonial fire dance, sexy fire dance, machine man fire dance, troops fire dance with more than 10 dancers, flammable fire dance with spread from dancer’s mouth, and any ideas of fire dance.

All fire dance ofcourse follow your event ideas and those ideas would complete with its costume design. Fire Dance in Balinese is more than just a dance, this Fire Dance could remove all your sins, purify all your hassle and bad luck into a good luck, full of joy in life and better look. Normally our fire dance is performing life on your open stage, or in the middle of dining table areas, or by the beach. Fire Dance performing live around 15 up to 30 minutes. Mostly the people would feel shocking happy to enjoy this Fire Dance performance. Book fire dance now via Sastra Bali 081-2939-12345


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