Vellfire units

New_Toyota_Vellfire_14 baliThis week we have been successfully finished the Vellfire units order. Handling all delegates from around the globe, Vellfire units had prove its reliability in handling the all VIP delegates to see the Wonderful Bali island.

The events is located at Nusa Dua Bali Conference Center, it’s near the Westin resort Nusa Dua. Vellfire units is another type of New Alphard which is wonderful and gives more comfort during cruising the island. The Vellfire units is more expensive than New Alphard since it’s meant to be enjoyable luxury ride, more than just first class. We do have 45 units of Vellfire and 80 units of New Alphard. All for rent at USD. 250 net a day maximum at 10 hours of service. All inclusive the experienced driver and petrol called Pertamax which are the finest petrol. The Vellfire service is Excluding the parking fees, driver’s meal, overtime, overnight at 30% from the price is charges per hour, etc.

Don’t just dream it, ride on. Call Sastra Bali 081-2939-12345


Manika Aesthetic

PEELING by dr. Mei, for your wonderful skin.
PEELING by dr. Mei, for your wonderful skin.

Recently i just manage to finish this website and also with their Facial and medical facial treatment specialist e-mail via

You can feel the different service of their taglines “Pure. Fair. Charming” Manika Aesthetic Clinic Facial, Body Firming in Bali island is amazing. Manika Aesthetic gives you a private room, super experienced therapist and beauticians, also the Medical treatment’s Doctor that ready 7 days a week. Manika Aesthetic starts their Pure. Fair. Charming treatments at 10 am up to 8 pm everyday and up to 6 pm on Sunday.

Located at Denpasar capital city Jalan Tukad Irawadi 10, Panjer, Denpasar that you could get around 30 minutes drives from Airport or Kuta via Toll highway either normal road. Pick up service may available with appointment to me Sastra Bali at 081-5588-12345 with taxi charges fee around IDR. 200,000 per one way. Manika Aesthetic provides you not only Facial, Body Firming, Body Contour, or Peeling, but also serve you with the Acupuncture treatment to enhance your skin health. You may call Manika Aesthetic for an appointment of treatments and Doctor consultations dr. Mei +62-82146-504-919 or via Manika Phone Telp. +62-361  226-027

You may also consult your facial skin problems with outstanding therapist directly Ms. Maha +62-8579-203-9550 at day time. Do you still feeling stress about how do your face look ? like you have acne problems, darkness skin, dull skin, or even you have the black acne that ruins your self esteemed, go call Manika Aesthetic now. You will have your new life, new Pure Fair Charming face in less than 6 times of treatments. Congratulations !!

Have a nice day !

Sincerely yours,

Sastra Bali

Toyota Fortuner charter

Toyota-Fortuner-2015-Reviews sastra baliToyota Fortuner is so amazing. This car is always amaze all people for cruising while have a rocky road or off road but elegant in the highway. Many guests ask Sastra about this Fortuner mostly for the land survey to the highlands like Bedugul, Lovina beach or Kintamani mountain. Nowadays many guests would like to invest their money in Bali island of the Gods, therefore many Fortuner had been ask for charter to drive them to the rural village where their villa bungalows or resort would like to build.

Beside that, Toyota Fortuner charter also rent for the high class or royal class security service or forreider to take care their guests or VIP safe during their holiday or conference in the road. Toyota Fortuner is so comfort, elegant and sporty car. We hire this Fortuner for your service with driver and petrol with starting USD. 175 net for maximum 10 hours journey. When there is an overtime, you may please to add some overtime fee at USD. 30 per hour. Talk to Sas for further deal and information via +62-81-2939-12345 and +62-81-5588-12345 and email via

Airport VIP Service

sastra airport vip service concierge

Under the Airport VIP service a representative meets the traveler directly at the plane to guide them through security, customs and immigration. There are a variety of other services offered at the airport including luggage assistance and transfer from airport to the city hotel and vice versa. Even holders of economy tickets get access to airport lounges under the service. The Airport VIP service provides guided tours of the city and provides geographical and cultural insight into a city.

Sastra Bali Airport VIP service and Concierge feels that at times it is challenging traveling alone and more so if you are a woman. This service eliminates the insecurity that one associates with air travel in a foreign country. The guides under the service equip the traveler with the local knowledge about the island life. The service is available for departure assistance as well. Sastra Bali Airport VIP service and Concierge you are either relaxing in the airport lounge or on your flight without wasting any time. The package starts from USD.300 for up to 4 passengers. Don’t you think you would be more relaxed if you know you will be received at the airport?

Looking forward to welcoming you and your VIPs in the island of the Gods !

Yours sincerely,

Sastra Bali


sastra airport vip service limo sastra airport vip service bali sastra airport vip service

Fire Dance

Bali is an island where the Good things roll. Fire Dance is truly amazing in Bali island. Compile with its magic and arts, Fire Dance in Bali would purified your sorrows.

fire dance Dewi Bali

Everyday Balinese always have an event such as wedding, deejay party, or in terms of magical ceremony. This time i would like to introduce you this fire dance artwork who could enhance your events or venue become more remarkable. People that participate would amaze by all this Fire Dance surprise and magical moments. Sastra provide you any kinds of fire dance start from magical fire dance, ceremonial fire dance, sexy fire dance, machine man fire dance, troops fire dance with more than 10 dancers, flammable fire dance with spread from dancer’s mouth, and any ideas of fire dance.

All fire dance ofcourse follow your event ideas and those ideas would complete with its costume design. Fire Dance in Balinese is more than just a dance, this Fire Dance could remove all your sins, purify all your hassle and bad luck into a good luck, full of joy in life and better look. Normally our fire dance is performing life on your open stage, or in the middle of dining table areas, or by the beach. Fire Dance performing live around 15 up to 30 minutes. Mostly the people would feel shocking happy to enjoy this Fire Dance performance. Book fire dance now via Sastra Bali 081-2939-12345