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Om Svastiastu
Namaste !
Salam, Shalom, Shanti, Shadu.

Welcome to Guru Mangku Hipno Bali Magic that combine with a brilliant modifications in Hypnotherapy by Guru Mangku Hipno here in Bali Magical Island. You guys are welcome to discuss more about the transcendental world with Guru Mangku Hipno itself. Guru Mangku Hipno is fully educated healer and hypnotherapy practitioner since 25 years back.

Yoga Master
Student is Yoga Master of Perth
Guru Mangku Hipno
With Guru Yoga of Perth

You have seen me Sastra Bali who is sleeping while Guru Mangku Hipno teach his student we called “Bhakta” in sanskrit means student who learn the transcendental world of God. Now you can feel it by yourself in from all over the world of this globe, Guru Mangku Hipno could send the Universe’s “Pranayama” is powerful to heal all your indications of body, mind and soul. “Pranayama” is a sanskrit for breath or the unique and powerful spirit to heal our illnesses by connecting our “Cakra” with all five (5) elements in this Universe that we called “Bhuvana Agung”. Guru Mangku Hipno would more than happy to give a hands, give his heart to reset your hurdles of live become a brand new you who full of love, full of positive energy to lived, lived your live, become a full confidence to deal with hectic worlds.

You may click its facebook fans page yes you may click its photos above, Guru Mangku Hipno is ready to answer all your complains in life in a second. Take care fellows and best wishes.

Guru Mangku Hipno and Bali love island family.