Mini Cooper for Rent

Fellows, Mini Cooper for Rent in Bali island and beyond. Perfect for any of your occasions. Mini Cooper for Rent at USD.350 a day at 10 hours of services. All inclusive such as transfer you from airport to hotel, daily sightseeing tour, petroleum, experienced driver. Mini Cooper for Rent exclude all other expenses such as parking fees, luggage service, airport fast track service, etc. Mini Cooper for Rent have had 14 years unrivaled luxury rental cars in Bali and beyond. Mini Cooper for Rent would sheer your driving pleasure in regards to explore our magical island of Bali with hubby or loved ones.

Mini Cooper for Rent in Bali you may reserved via; and call / text message via +6281558812345 Mini Cooper for Rent is an sophisticated tours in Bali island. Please don’t hesitate to let us know regarding Mini Cooper for Rent further information and wonderful experience in Bali island. Thank you.


Sastra Alphard Bali




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