PIA Moniques Ingredients

Welcome to BALI island, the island of love, island of hope and island of cakes. PIA Moniques by Monique’s Cake and Tart Bali would like to announce you these wonderful taste of flavor that ingredients some of great calori and carbohidrat for your passions of living and mood. All these PIA Moniques made in highest quality standard therefore you have to pre-order 1 day before or 2 days before during the high seasons of holiday such as summer holiday in Bali or weekend.

PIA Moniques Bali had added a tasty powder with milk and soya beans or chocolate and cheese.. wow superb… you could order 1 box with all those 3 flavors. Minimum 2 box purchased and get free delivery where ever your residence or hotel stay is.
email sastrabali@hotmail.com or call / text sms : +62.361.7410200 / +62.85.7373.6.7373 get more 1 box free for 15 box purchased OR free domestic courier transport to your all around Indonesia archipelago residences.

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