Lombok – the jewel behind waves

Lombok island, whole world become amaze to it. Lombok island with its fully white sandy beaches surround this island, makes Lombok become the most wonders and jewel behind waves beyond Bali. Best offer for you guys :

Hotel at 3 three stars rated hotel

Puri Saron Hotel *3 Superior Room Rp     425,000
Deluxe Room Rp     475,000
Bungalow Rp     680,000
Suite Room Rp     780,000
Extra Bed Rp     185,000
Puri Bunga*3 Standard Rp     280,000
Deluxe Rp     325,000
Suite Rp     450,000
Extra Bed Rp      145,000
Bukit Senggigi ROH Single Rp     300,000

ROH Double Rp     300,000
Extra Bed Rp     135,000
Graha Beach Hotel Std. Garden View Rp     375,000
Superior Sea View Rp     480,000
Superior Garden Rp     475,000
Deluxe Rp     580,000
Extra Bed Rp     160,000

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