Pimp your lighting up!

I awoke early in the morning of Paradise island – Bali. Around 5 am, direct walk to the beach of Jimbaran. Nearby my boarding house. I stay here for about almost one year already. Just following my heartbeat. Where it wanna go and what’s going to do, just ask your heart..sure got the right thing.

Met with mature lady named Ms.Aniek, seems i knew her, and yap, i know her ! She’s the one of my uncle friend but haven’t got married yet. Do you wanna know her closer? hahahaa… She’s pretty on her age, she told me just simple treatment at Nu Life Bali nearby, along the By Pass Street of Kelan village, Jimbaran, south coast of Ngurah Rai International Airport Bali. We talk about one (1) hour last, until the sun rise goes heat and burn those dust with windy mood of the Jimbaran beach. She also could do me a interior lighting moments for sure. She is an artist of lamp specialist. She got a warehouse nearby Seminyak beach. We talk and start jogging to the north of Jimbaran bay beach. Yes i knew her quite well, she also have Bali Lamp and lighting interior design of Balinese show room at Ubud, along Jalan Raya Andong, heading to famous rice terrace of Ubud on Tegalalang Village.

+62.81.5580.93548 Ms.Aniek
Bali Lamp Design

Yes it looks colourful and let’s pimp your lighting up ! I was asking about her face, on her mature age, still looks so young, more than 10 years look younger and she told me that i should go to see Nu Life Bali and ask the Anti Aging consultant over there. “There’s a doctor as well which would more than happy to cater all your problems regarding skin stress and rejuvenating” she said. She gave me the flyer invitation as follow picture:

Anti Aging treatment program

and …we both feel so thirsty, saying good bye each other about 9 o’clock in the morning. Today i got a feeling that tonight is gonna a be a GOOD night 😉

see You guys in Bali island, The Island of the Gods


Sastra (Mr.)


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