On Call Spa

On call spa Bali is available with male therapist. I am Sastra own and operate the On Call Spa Bali myself with associates.

As you know that the Body needs relaxation after a whole day activities. Your body just done a great job to support your fun holiday in Bali and beyond. The muscles, knees, eyes, nerve center, head to toe massage is perfectly needed to break its stress and make the body remain itself to have self healing method πŸ˜€

On Call Spa is available thoughout Bali islands, coming to your room, hotel, villa or home. We do massage with Virgin Coconut Oils plus the amazing aura therapy in the massage time. Make you feel relax and refresh πŸ˜πŸ˜†

There is only USD 35 per persons for 2 hours of massages with a full body combinations massages i.e:

Head massages, Shoulders massage, Facial massages, Arms massage, Back massage, Chest massage, Leg massage, Foot massage, Foot reflexiology massage, and Vitality massages for Women / Ladies πŸ˜†πŸ˜€

The full deep tissue massage, gentle touch from Sas’ friendly Man therapist might your perfect add on of your holiday in Bali.

On Call Spa also available with Spa service for skin scrub, skin moisturizer with yogurt body splash, refreshement drinks/ tea or coffee on your place. On Call Spa is for Women, for Ladies or For couple. Not for Men πŸ˜„

Reach Sas On Call Spa on WhatsApp +62-81-2939-12345 and eMail SastraBali@Hotmail.com

Bali Boudoir Photographer

Recently we just had a call from India tourist, Indian guest, they are couple, having a great honeymoon in Bali island on a beautiful rice paddy fields view from their private pool villa in Ubud, Gianyar, Bali – Indonesia.

“hello, are you a photographer?” they ask me on the phone, and i’ve said “yes i do. how may i help you Brother?”, and all was continued to the meeting appointment at Atman Cafe Jalan Hanuman, Ubud, Bali. There we meet up and they’ve asked me “how is your Bali Boudoir Photographer means?, how much do you charges?, how many hours?, how should we pose?” and certain things of Bali Boudoir Photography questions.

So, i’ve advised them to look up my facebook page Sastra Gallery to see some ideas regarding Bali Boudoir PhotographerΒ  with Sastrawan Bali. And they loved it. But seems the price what a bit miss understanding, they thought was IDR. 350,000 when i’d spoke on the phone at IDR. 3,500,000 or USD. 350 hahaha haha ha ha ha LOL but we work it out, Sas did offer them a great deal for only USD. 55 / IDR. 550,000 but use their own camera / gadget. And they said deal, tomorrow afternoon 6pm at villa. So, i came by and they’ve asked me how to pose, what to wear. Sas asked them to open all their clothes without shy with me, and need to blend with me, means trust to Sas. At first they feel awkward with the first time of being shoot photography in Boudoir, intimacy, sex scene with the strangers in front of them. But after 10 minutes, they enjoyed the foreplay each other and i took the shoot.

Was light raining but that is the become benefits to make the couple romance more and more arouse. While the play seducing each other, i shoot their face, their hands, butt, bottom, ash, booty, dick, penis, tongue, vagina, ms. v, hair, eye contact, lips, rings, breasts, boobs, beautiful smile and their orgasm face moments that would never be forgotten, they can see it on their own photos !!

Call / WhatsApp Sastra at +62-81-2939-12345 sastrabali@hotmail.com below is the Boudoir Sexy Nude Art Sample for your upcoming ideas in taking sex memories with your spouse, wife, couple, friends, or even family brother sister.

Bali Boudoir

Since 17 years Sas do this Bali Boudoir Photography but it is always challenging. As a Bali Boudoir Photographer, Sas got many order from India market, Arab Saudi, Kuwait, even Malaysia at Kualalumpur couple also would love to make their memories stand still during their holiday in Bali island of love. Some from United States, United Kingdom of England, Holland, Netherland, also Germany and China couple, friends with their husband and wife Boudoir, is a wonderful job i do for living.

Thank you for all these tourist for their visit to Bali island with Bali Boudoir Photographer as their photography expert in Boudoir, Nude, Pants, Thong, Bikini, Beach wear, Swim wear photo, sex image, kama sutra pose, nude art, in room or on their private pool villa.

Call or whatsApp Bali Boudoir Photographer Bali with Mr. Sastra at +62-81-2939-12345 with very affordable fee. We can use your gadget regarding save your budget for only IDR. 550,000 (USD. 55) per hour, or IDR. 1,550,000 (USD. 155) for maximum 3 hours shoot.

Bali Boudoir Instagram for more intimacy couple nude, boudoir, Bali images, sex, nudist, beach sex, pool villa intimate, etc.

Taman Segara Madu Canggu

Taman Segara Madu merupakan obyek wisata kolam renang yang diperuntukkan bagi wisatawan umum baik lokal, domestik maupun internasional. Di kolam renang Segara Madu kita dapat menikmati wisata berenang untuk olahraga renang pada kolam renang sepanjang standar olympic / olimpiade. Juga terdapat perosotan air / water slide, untuk Anak-anak kecil maupun yang dewasa. Wahana wisata berenang Taman Segara Madu terletak di Desa Canggu, Mengwi, Badung. Terkenal dengan Pura Batu Bolong, serta dapat tembus ke Pantai Echo Beach Canggu.

Berenang di kolam renang Taman Segara Madu sungguh menenangkan, sambil minum teh lemon hangat, kita berendam di kolam renang yang sejuk dan menyegarkan pikiran. Sarana restoran dan mini mart juga lengkap tersedia untuk makan siang dan segala minuman hangat lainnya.

Locker tersedia untuk Kita menitipkan tas dan barang bawaan lainnya dengan biaya sewa mulai Rp. 20.000 serta disewakan handuk, ban, baju, pelampung, serta sewa celana renang / baju renang. Selamat datang di Taman Segara Madu Canggu, Bali.

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    Jembatan Kolam Dewasa

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    Lemon tea

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checking in the Baby

Balinese wedding, awaiting for the sacrificial ceremony
Balinese wedding, awaiting for the sacrificial ceremony

Dear Friends, tonight BALI time we are checking in our Baby at Cahaya Bunda Hospital Jalan By Pass Kediri, Tabanan, Bali island. We are going to welcoming our baby next year around 14 February 2016. Yes indeed, my Wife Eka is pregnant. Yaay i am so happy either do Eka.

Thanks to God and all of you.

Tomorrow SastraBaliLuxury.com is going to Escort our client to have a full day charter to Singaraja city from Kerobokan city nearby Seminyak village. It is going to be a 3 hours driving, long trip for now. Tired but will go for the fullest of my baby life. The client is a couple of awesome artist of the wallpaper business with their boutique wallpaper is located at Jalan Raya Kerobokan, Seminyak village. His name is Mr. Azrul the Malaysian and Mrs. Samantha from Australia.

Humingbird wallpaper is their business brand with black color neon box by the Kerobokan street. easy to find, just before the Warisan restaurant Seminyak, you may visit them here. Will be back at Kerobokan around 7pm Bali time, so, i will Β back home late to kiss and hug my Wife Eka and baby. Will update to you soon, stay tune.

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